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Philips Dictation Systems

Why use dictation?

Philips Digital Dictation Systems save you time and money!  Let Advance Business Machines find the right solution for you. Whether replacing an existing analog system or looking at moving to digital products for the first time, we will help you choosse what's best for you.

Here are some reasons why people use Dictation/Transcription equipment:

  1. Save Time - People speak, on average 7X faster, than they write.
  2. Focus on what they do best - your core competency, don't waste your time editing and formatting letters, etc.
  3. Enjoy the freedom - dictation can be done anytime, anywhere and files e-mailed to your office for transcription.
  4. Stay organized - SpeechExec software can help keep your work on track.
  5. Become a better speaker - dictation helps you focus on pronunciation and speech quality, which helps you as a communicate better and actually improves short term memory.
  6. No more broken cassette tapes, where valuable information is lost.
  7. Clear bulky transcriptions units off your desk, with a Digital Solution in it's place!

Who uses dictation?

Digital Voice Recording solutions are used by many busy professionals and executives. Digital Philips voice recording/transcribing solutions serve a number of different markets:

  • Legal
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Insurance
  • Law Enforcement
  • Real Estate
  • Journalism
  • Finance

What's new in dictation?

So you may say, but I already have analog dictation equipment, what benifit will moving to Digital Solutions offer me? One main reason is that, as previously mentioned, analog is being phased out. Parts to repair analog machines are becoming harder, if not impossible to source. In a short time, cassette tapes (mini/micro) will become obsolete too, as the industry moves toward digital. Philips Digital Solutions offer many advantages - click on the image below to download a white paper and learn more:

Learn the advantages on moving from analog to digital dictation equipment


Advance Business Machines offers new systems and accessories from Philips.  We are also available to service existing equipment - (subject to parts availability on analog units) - Contact us for more details @ 519.337.3371 or through the contact us link


Also, feel free to visit the Philips Canada page by clicking here

Click here to link to Philips Canada Dictation Solutions page






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